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Test Interfaces for Power Systems

About Us

SecuControl GmbH
Established in 1995 in Hettstedt, Germany, SecuControl developed the basic switching principle behind all test blocks and plugs in close cooperation with the German grid company 50 Hertz. A working group of the German engineering association VDE quickly adopted the possibilities of this test switch and devised a set of standards to be used by all German grid companies. Over the last twenty years, SecuControl's ITS and IPS lines have been used and proven in all kinds of settings in Germany.

SecuControl Inc.
Since 2001, SecuControl USA has been an active and attentive member of the protection, automation and control community in the US. Our FTL, STS and DOC product lines have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the US market. SecuControl has established an ever growing customer base around the country. We provide assembly and customer support through our Alexandria, VA, office and a network of representative companies.

SecuBrasil Ltda.
Initiated in 2010, SecuBrasil has quickly gained a foothold in central and southern Brazil. At our Florianopolis, SC, office we provide customer support and assembly for the Brazilian market. SecuBrasil is proud to offer a uniquely Brasilian technical solution for the rapidly growing transmission and distribution needs of this fascinating country.

SecuPlastics GmbH
The production of our materials is at the heart of our company. The majority of our metal components are produced in house. Since 2009, SecuControl designs and shoots its own plastics through our 100% subsidiary SecuPlastics in Senftenberg, Germany. A team of designers and students in our Berlin, Germany, office is making sure that SecuControl reacts fast to customer requests. And with a very young team we are gaining a foothold of the future.

production of plastic Components
SecuControl is 100% family owned and financed. Three generations of leadership are working side by side to ensure stability and innovation. SecuControl is proud to be a trusted partner of the PAC community around the world, to name only a few: 50 Hertz – Germany, REE – Spain, BPA – USA, Electrobras – Brasil and UTE – Uruguay. In OEM cooperations, we have successfully partnered with ABB, Arteche, G&W, Schneider Electric, SEL and Siemens. We are proud to contribute to electrical infrastructures, offering highest quality products of the highest longevity for a stable grid in any kind of climatic situation.

plastic production lines
3D-printing of drafts for new designs