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Test Interfaces for Power Systems

Product Comparisons

Blocos de Testes — Guia de Seleção de Produtos 339.29 kB 2014-8

Technical Papers

Considerations for the Implementation of Test Access Points: A Best Practice Guide by Tobias Planert, Benno Hornischer, Johannes Jenkner, Roberto Eick, Antoni Furlani Rosa, SecuControl 0.96 MB 2014-4
Conventional Testing in Times of IEC61850 by Roberto Eick, Johannes Jenkner, Benno Hornischer, Frank Hergeroeder, SecuControl 324.88 kB 2015-8
Using Innovative Electrical and Electronic Devices in the Reduction of Panel Size by Levi Portillo, Texas New Mexico Power 331.01 kB 2014-3
Test Blocks, Plugs and Probes — or When the Dynamo meets the Integrated Circuit by David R. Blair 1.73 MB 2014-3
Interface Systems for Secondary Injection Testing by Dipl. Ing. Hubert Ostmeier 1.49 MB 2014-3
A Comparison between IEC and ANSI Type Test Switches 1.46 MB 2014-3

FTL Test Block

Blocos de Testes FTL — Manual de Referência 1.20 MB 2015-8
FTL Brochure 1.38 MB 2014-1
Configurações 1.00 MB hoje

Safety Test Switch

Blocos de Testes STS — Manual de Referência 1.57 MB 2015-8
Brochure 1.41 MB 2014-9
Configurações 1.00 MB hoje

FTS / FTP Test Blocks & Plugs

Blocos de Testes FTS / FTP — Manual de Referência 1.96 MB 2016-10
Brochure 1.41 MB 2014-9
Configurações 1.00 MB hoje

SAX / PAX Terminal / Test Blocks and Test Plugs

Blocos de Testes SAX / PAX — Manual de Referência 2.12 MB 2013-8
Brochure 1.15 MB 2014-8
Configurações 1.00 MB hoje