About Us

SecuControl - EU

SecuControl has played a leading role in the development of innovative switching solutions, collaborating closely with renowned grid companies globally. Our pioneering test blocks and plugs, endorsed by the German engineering association VDE, have set industry standards. With decades of experience, SecuControl’s advanced ITS and IPS lines consistently deliver exceptional performance across diverse applications worldwide.

As an evolving global company, we have built a reputation as a trusted name in the engineering sector. Our commitment to driving technological advancements ensures reliability, efficiency, and seamless integration for clients not only in Europe but also around the world. Partnering with various international entities, SecuControl continues to shape the landscape of the power industry with cutting-edge solutions.

SecuControl - North America

SecuControl USA has been a prominent and engaged participant in the protection, automation, and control community within the United States. With a focus on meeting the specific demands of the US market, our STS and DOC product lines have been meticulously crafted. Throughout the years, SecuControl has fostered a steadily expanding customer base across the nation. We take pride in offering comprehensive assembly and customer support services through our Alexandria, VA office and assembly line, as well as a robust network of representative companies. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives us to deliver tailored solutions to the diverse needs of our valued clients throughout the United States.

SecuControl -Brazil

SecuBrasil has rapidly emerged as a key player in the central and southern regions of Brazil. Located in Florianopolis, SC, our office serves as a hub for customer support and assembly, catering to the specific requirements of the Brazilian market. We take pride in offering a distinctively Brazilian technical solution to address the ever-expanding transmission and distribution demands of this dynamic country. SecuBrasil is committed to delivering reliable, innovative, and locally-tailored solutions as we contribute to the exciting growth of Brazil’s energy sector.

SecuControl - South Africa

Founded in February 2024, SecuControl decided to build a factory in Gauteng Province in the republic of South Africa. This decision will allow to provide even closer support for SecuControl customers in the Southern African hemisphere and to further assist in the modernization of the local electrical grid. Having shown its long term reliability in the local markets, SecuControl is looking forward to continue to provide customer designed solutions.

Decades of Quality Products

A fully family-owned and financed company, with three generations driving stability and innovation together.
As a trusted partner the PAC community, SecuControl has earned recognition from esteemed entities worldwide. Notable collaborations include 50 Hertz in Germany, BPA in the USA, Eletrobras in Brazil, and UTE in Uruguay. Our successful OEM partnerships with industry leaders such as ABB, Arteche, G&W, Schneider Electric, SEL, and Siemens further underline our commitment to excellence.
We are passionate about building long-lasting partnerships based on trust, technical expertise, and superior support. Our reputation for excellence is a testament to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.
Join SecuControl on our journey to shape the future of safety and reliability in power systems.