Drawout Case (DOC)

Effortless Testing for Drawout Case Relays

The Drawout Case (DOC) is a versatile test plug designed for General Electric (G.E.) type drawout case relays featuring ten poles, such as the General Electric S2 and M1 style cases. It provides a seamless testing solution, ensuring compatibility with other 10-pole drawout cases from different manufacturers, as long as they adhere to a similar design for the test paddle, like the GE equivalents (e.g., S and M style Basled Electric drawout cases).

Its primary function is to facilitate easy insertion into the drawout case, allowing for the redirection of circuits to the front without opening any circuits when no pins are inserted into the disconnect position of the DOC.

The disconnect pins enable the individual sectioning of circuits, while the DOC features banana jacks that establish an electrical interface with both the relay and the field equipment. This setup ensures a safe and straightforward execution of testing procedures..