To goose or not to goose? That is no longer a question – yes! Most modern relays have the IEC 61850 capability and this should be used. Goose messages open up infinite possibilities of devices talking to each other, performing their work and supervision together, and providing sheer endless amounts of data for the (automated) administrator. IEC 61850 devices are installed on a bus or in a loop, and very soon they will be talking in a cloud – all of these arrangements make the test engineer wonder: now where exactly is my access point and what exactly am I testing? In our opinion, it does not make a difference. For all the increased communication capacities of IEC 61850, the fundamental questions of relay testing are not solved: is my CT saturating, is my relay responding correctly to the CT, and are my relay settings right after the latest software or cybersecurity update? SecuControl really welcomes the communication empowerment brought about by IEC 61850, but we maintain that a test interface for the relay and the corresponding CT remains a crucial piece of hardware for the safety and job-performance of the test engineer and the overall operating quality of the electrical system.