Sometimes, a special setup in the electrical cabinet calls for a flexible design, in which more than one IED use the same current and voltage source. Test interfaces can be used like conventional plugs and sockets, connecting devices through insulating cabinet walls or across racks. In this case, the inverse qualities of the test interface are used to establish a good and electrically high quality connection. Considering that test blocks are designed to be closed 99% of the time, the contacts of SecuControl’s test blocks provide superior safety of electrical closing and superior conductivity by using materials like brass, copper and silver. The SAX line is specifically designed to be surface mounted and can be used in the back of the panel. So any time you need something better than a conventional panel builder’s connector or contact block, please talk to us.

We are also excited by what the future may bring: most IEDs are picking up speed in becoming smaller, more sophisticated and true shape shifters. Devices like merging units are only now emerging, and who knows what they will look like 5 or 10 years down the road. It might be cheaper just to renew an IED, rather than change the whole substation. We are always happy to work with other product manufacturers to make their devices plugable, if the device relies on current and voltage. With product life-cycles becoming shorter and shorter, making them exchangeable can be a good option for fast product introduction. We are here to help, starting with our proven connector technology, and happy to help you with all our capabilities for plastic cases and tooling.