Meters rely on CT current, too, and especially in industrial use environments or in bigger buildings or real estate complexes, meters are used that are equipped with test blocks or switches. These interfaces are used to make sure the CT is not in saturation and that the meter processes the current and voltage correctly. Interfaces in metering come in varieties of 6 to 10 access points and need to provide functions of short-circuiting, measurement and testing. Often these interfaces are surface mounted and placed underneath a meter in a metal enclosure. The metal enclosure protects the devices from the elements, but also serves as a lockable safeguard against power theft. The interface itself is a vulnerable point of access for power theft, so the interface needs to be equipped with a sealable cover. All of these functions can be achieved with all SecuControl product lines. SecuControl features make the use of these meter arrangements safer for the test engineer, cleaner in design and more durable for the utility. Please talk to us for a specific configuration.